Used Car Manager

Used Car Managers are among the unsung heroes of the automotive retail industry. A good used car manager can turn a nonprofitable dealership into a money maker, while a bad used car manager can easily take a profitable situation and destroy it.

The Used Car Industry has always been an extremely challenging and competitive industry. However, since the economic and credit crisis of 2008, the industry has become even more complex and difficult, making the job of the used car manager more demanding than ever before.

Today’s successful used car manager must be fluent in: purchasing used cars, reconditioning those vehicles, selling used cars, financing used cars, and training other individuals to also successfully complete these tasks. Given the breadth of the abilities needed to be a successful used car manager, is there any wonder why so many used car managers underperform and so many used car departments lose money?

Fortunately for us, there are still several outstanding used car managers that we can learn from. There are numerous best practices that great used car managers employ that can be copied. These techniques can be implemented immediately and, if successful, can significantly increase the efficiency and profitability of most used car departments. The Used Car Voice will try to bring you these best practices whenever possible.

We here at the Used Car Voice try to cover all important aspects affecting the used car manager’s environment as well as their wide-ranging job functions. We provide extensive information on the day to day occurrences happening in the Used Car Industry as well as articles and information designed to improve the effectiveness of used car professionals. We also carry the definitive used car professional’s how-to guide,Used Cars 101.

Whether you are looking to research best practices, stay current on automotive dealership news, or simply read humorous stories about your industry, we hope you enjoy your experience while visiting the Used Car Voice.

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